Constitution and Membership

We have many members, all from different walks of life,who enjoy some good social games amongst like minded people.  

We were established in 1998 and we are always looking to attract new members – those who may already play badminton and those who simply wish to try out a new sport or meet with like-minded people.

Please come & join us – we look forward to meeting you soon! Simply drop us a line via our CONTACTS page and you’ll be playing in no time!


1.              Club Name


1.1           The organisation ‘South Wales Gay Badminton Club’ shall be known as SWGB.

2.              Aims and Objectives of SWGB

  • To promote and enable the play of badminton for players of all abilities within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities.

  • To work to ensure that all club members are treated equally, fairly and with respect.

  • To engender a friendly atmosphere.

  • To promote social activities.

3.              Club Committee

3.1           The Committee of SWGB will comprise a Chair and Deputy Chair who will be elected by a simple majority of the membership who vote.  The committee will be responsible for the day to day running of SWGB including arranging court bookings, managing club finances, setting weekly session fees and managing club members' details to enable communication with members via social media or other methods as appropriate.

3.2           The Committee can propose co-opting other members for specific roles/projects, as and when necessary. This will require the agreement of a simple majority of the membership who vote.

3.3           New Committee members must have been members of SWGB for at least 6 months before joining the Committee.

4.              Grievance and Discipline

4.1           All complaints must be raised with a member of the Committee. Any sanctions proposed against a member following a complaint must have the approval of a majority of the membership. 

5.              Membership

5.1           Membership is open to all members of the LGBT community, supporters and others who are positive in their attitude towards the community. Members will be required to submit a membership application form, which will feature a disclaimer against personal injury claims. The signing of this form will be a requirement of membership.

5.2           The Annual Membership year will run from July 1st to June 30th. Membership of SWGB will be effective on submission of the signed membership application form. 

5.3           Members will pay a weekly ‘club’ session fee for each club night they attend. The Session Fee is only paid on attendance and will be reviewed as and when needed by the Committee based on court and club running costs. There is currently no membership fee. Prospective new members do not have to pay the weekly fee when attending their first club night.

5.4            On joining SWGB, members will agree to the following:
                ●       To support and abide by the constitution of SWGB;
                ●       That their name, mobile telephone number and email address will be used by SWGB and will be shared                           with other SWGB members, or other guest players/prospective SWGB members who have provided                                 their contact details to SWGB for the purpose of SWGB communications. 

                ●       That they will not release any details of SWGB members or guest players/prospective members, to any                            non-SWGB members;

                ●       That SWGB is not liable for any injuries sustained during playing badminton or any other activities                                    associated with SWGB;

                ●       That the SWGB committee will retain the completed membership form and the details provided on the                          membership form for the duration of their membership of the club.

5.5            Existing members will need to renew their membership at the start of the membership year every July, to      retain membership of SWGB social media groups. However, the SWGB Committee reserves the right to                          retain individual’s details within social media groups where agreement has been made that individuals who                    have not been able to return their membership form will do so at the earliest opportunity.

6.              Club Meetings  

6.1           The location and times of club nights will be notified/confirmed to members via e-mail and/or social media    and any other means deemed appropriate by the Committee.

6.2           Playing teams will be informally organised between the members. However, the Committee has the right to use a peg board selection criteria system. The Committee will determine the rules of the Board and publish them accordingly. Alternatively a Committee member will organise playing teams to ensure an appropriate balance between competitive and social games if this is necessary.

7.              Guests  

7.1           Any member has the right to bring guests to an event, unless the guest has been refused membership or the event is for members only. Guests will pay the same weekly match fee as members.

8.              Intellectual Property

8.1           All rights, property, website, advertising and other material used for the management and promotion of SWGB belongs to the Club and no one individual and that in the event of a member leaving SWGB they agree to surrender any such material to the club.

9.             Constitutional Changes

9.1           This constitution can be changed only by agreement of the majority of members who vote.

10.           Dissolution of SWGB

10.1        SWGB can only be dissolved by agreement of at least two thirds of members who vote. In the event of the dissolution of SWGB, the assets of SWGB will be distributed equally across the membership at the time of the dissolution.



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14 September 2019